Northwest Territories Real Estate

Located in Canada's Northern region and one of the country's largest landmasses, Northwest Territories is situated between Nunavut in the east and Yukon in the West. The capital city of Yellowknife is the most populous city in the region, but the territory consists of 33 other communities including Kakisa and Behchoko. While a significant portion of the region is made up of boreal forest, the territories location close to the arctic ensures a variety of different climate patterns within the considerable sprawl of the region.

A Little About Northwest Territories

While the Northwest Territories once consisted of much of the country's landmass, it was in the 18th century that the area began to be divided into the provinces that make up present day Canada. Aboriginal bands including the Inuit and the Dene were the first to settle the area. Vikings were the first Europeans to travel into the portion of NWT that now constitutes Nunavut, which was separated into its own territory in 1999. With the coastal waters and northern access the area provides, it was heavily utilized for the fur trade, and the region joined confederation in 1870. While the area contains only 42,000 people, it is one of the most geologically rich parts of the country with industries that include gold, diamonds, natural gas and petroleum.

Entertainment & Attractions

The capital city of Yellowknife is worth a visit for attractions like the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre and The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, but the most well-known attraction in Canada's northern region is the Northern Lights, which appear approximately 240 evenings a year and are one of the world's natural wonders. With a variety of lakes and water bodies, including the Great Bear and Great Slave lakes, the Northwest Territories are an ideal area for wintery sports like snowmobiling, fishing, dogsledding, hunting and snowshoeing.


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