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The maritime province of Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in all of Canada in both population and area. It actually comprises not only the island that shares its name, but many other small islands. The main island is connected to the nearby province of New Brunswick by the Confederation Bridge, a multi-year project that cost the country more than a billion dollars to construct.


A Little About Prince Edward Island

Getting out of the big city and moving to a peaceful life in the country is the dream for many Canadians and Prince Edwards Island can offer that along with very affordable housing. The province has some amazing heritage sites and a thriving arts and sporting community in Charlottetown, the largest city on the island. English is the main language, with fewer than 5% speaking French, and the population has an almost equal mix of Canadian, Scottish, English and Irish families.

Entertainment & Attractions

Prince Edward Island has a unique mix of industry that keeps the province thriving. The economy of the coastal regions is predominantly driven by fishery, with a sharp focus on harvesting a variety of shellfish, lobster being the most common. Farming mussels and fishing for oysters are also big business along the coast. The interior is primarily agricultural with the Aerospace industry skyrocketing in recent years and now making up around a quarter of all international exports. The tourism industry still thrives as there will never be a shortage of people who want to experience life in a rustic, coastal fishing village. Just off the coasts of both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and not far away from Newfoundland, is Prince Edward Island. With a very affordable housing market and a thriving economy, PEI is a great province to live for anybody who wants to get away from the big city and enjoy a peaceful life on the coast.

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