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Formerly known as the Yukon Territory, Canada's north-western most area of land officially dropped the "Territory" from its name in 2002. Yukon borders the state of Alaska on the west side, the Northwest Territories on the east side and British Columbia on the south side.

A Little About Yukon

Of the reported 37,526 people who live in Yukon, roughly 29,000 live in or around Whitehorse, the territory's capital. In comparison, the second and third largest areas are Dawson City with a population of 2,073 and Watson Lake with a population of 1,478. The three communities are spread around Yukon, with Dawson at the north, Watson Lake at the east and Whitehorse in between the two, making Yukon more dispersed than other arctic areas. First Nations makes up roughly 20% of residents and the territory is officially bi-lingual, although they do recognize First Nations languages as well.

Entertainment & Attractions

While the largest employer in the territory is currently the Canadian Government and the economy is heavily tourism driven, this was not always the case. The area's historic past as Canada's gold rush capital forced the Hudson's Bay Company to sell the land to Canada so that a government could be established to oversee the boom in population. This romanticized past, along with the natural beauty of the untouched landscape, is what entices tourists to continue to flock to the area and enjoy the outdoor activities. Between the many parks, the First Nations culture, the variety of sporting opportunities and the Northern Lights, there are many things to do and see in Yukon. There are few areas in Canada where someone can feel like they are living in an untouched area of the country, and Yukon can provide the opportunity to wake up and spend the day in natural environments. Hiking, hunting, fishing, kayaking and dog sledding can all be part of a routine day in one of Yukon's great communities.

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